Caroline Jackman

I am driven by the exploration of creatures and their characteristics. Capturing a moment in time though form, colour and texture. Using a variety of processes, primarily painting and original prints, how these processes can affect the character and position of the figurative study. Inspired by everyday occurrences, movement in animals, nativity, the subtleness of life surrounding us and how each of these characters make their way through life.

My current focus is on ‘creepy crawlies’! I have been working on a project titled ‘Fear and Fascination’, to overcome my arachnophobia. This fear started mid childhood, when we moved to the farm. House spiders would frequent my bedroom, but the trigger was waking up finding one beside my head on my pillow! The feeling of fear would inflict my toes curling and the need to cocoon myself in a protective zone, of course this never happened I would just feel physically sick, start shaking and want to scream! Over the past few years I have been studying spiders (through photography, print, painting and drawing) to overcome my fear. As a result I have become fascinated by them, their beauty in their perceived delicate form and colouring. Since working on this project, I have been studying bugs and most recently done illustration for a new children’s book titled ‘Creepy Critters’.

Also close to my heart is the wonderful world of mountains and the beautiful vast forms you can be consumed by. Working on the contrasting scale of landscapes to bugs and even my love of horses and farm animals leads to one focus, reproducing visual ideas of colour, form, scale and narrative through this subject matter.

My practice has included regular commissions of portraits, in particular with horses and dogs, ensuring a representation of character. I thoroughly enjoy these commissions, each one I find a welcome challenge, as a successful piece comes from a happy customer. I am very fortunate to have returning customers and regular commissions.

t: 01483 527 688

Traffic Jam - Caroline Jackman
Traffic Jam
Tieke Bird - Caroline Jackman
Tieke Bird
Chameleon - Caroline Jackman
A good roll heals a thousand wounds - Caroline Jackman
A good roll heals a thousand wounds
Rufus - Caroline Jackman
Paddy - Caroline Jackman