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Jennifer Evans

Jennifer Evans is a painter of landscapes, seascapes, animals and flowers.

She paints the changing seasons and the vagaries of our weather as it infinitely changes the light on the clouds and trees.

Animals play a wide part of her range as they are so much an integral part of country life in Dorset. Dogs are a fascinating life-time study and she has painted and enjoyed the company of around 30 different breeds and non-breeds - long-dogs, short stumpy dogs, dreamy deerhounds and hairy hounds of every variety.

She has recently been researching all the drawings, paintings and accounts of her three years at sea, during which she travelled as supernumerary with her Chief Officer husband on worldwide cargo vessels. It was in the early 1970s, just before the advent of ship-borne containers, when general cargo was infinitely varied, from phosphates to spices to lavatory pans, and the ship discharged cargoes at small outlandish ports, usually with slings and derricks over the side into native barges, which often took days or weeks, enabling trips ashore to see these wonderful and extraordinary places.

Jennifer paints to enjoy not to challenge. She paints pictures with a breath of fresh air, that people will want to live with, to delight in as she has delighted in painting them.

t: 01935 872483