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Edward Jones

Fine Art Scholar – City & Guilds of London Art School 2021-23

I am a contemporary landscape painter. I completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Manchester School of Art in 2019, and a BA Hons in Fine art at the City & Guilds of London Art School in 2023.

With a heavy emphasis on depicting mountainous regions, I explore familiar areas of Snowdonia as well as those further afield, using an analogue camera to capture moments from my expeditions. A prolific output of photography, drawing and painting leads to large scale oil paintings on canvas. Layering tonally similar colours, which I work up to achieve a darkness in the palette that produces an ambiguous sense of light, my depicted subjects are not fixed in a specific time or space. My alliance with the desolation and the wilderness of sparsely or uninhabited spaces are examples of escapism, reclaiming the memories of my earlier life.

My most recent body of work - To places that are empty, frozen, stone are of landscape paintings entwined between fictional and nonfictional worlds. Certain man-made motifs that characterise these harsh and lonely environments are consistently used within the series, for example; monoliths, statues and solitary buildings - the remnants of human presence. I have continuously felt a craving to be immersed in rugged terrain.

Prizes and exhibitions:

Freelands Painting Prize 2023, Freelands Foundation Chalk Farm Gallery - Oct/ Nov 2023

New Blood Art, Emerging Art Award 2023London - October 2023

Gilchrist Fisher Award 2024, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London - February / March 2024

Frenkiel & Ponti Fondazione Artist Residency - Autumn 2023

Website: www.edwardjonesstudio.com

Instagram: @eddiejonesstudio