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Coco Morris

Coco Morris (b.1997) is a painter based in Hastings. Her work explores colour/form relationships and abstract painting languages. She graduated from City & Guilds of London Art School in 2019 with a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree and was awarded the Painter Stainers' Scholarship in 2017 and the Chadwyck-Healey Prize for Painting in 2019. Selected exhibitions include group shows at Grove Collective in 2021, Warbling Gallery in 2021, Terrace Gallery in 2021, a duo exhibition at SoHo Revue Gallery in 2022 and a solo show at Lorfords Contemporary in 2022.

Coco's work is about the practice of painting, It explores colour-form relationships and the tensions and boundaries that exist between different painting languages and genres, This means the subject matter, style of painting, point of inspiration and the process can be quite different between each painting.

Anything goes - The paintings can be improvised and experimental or thoroughly planned out. they move between styles and subject matter, despite the variation in approaches the works do have reoccurring compositions and motifs that are echoed across Coco's practice. All of the paintings emerge and are resolved through the action of painting. The works occupy a space where opposing narratives sit together, abstraction and figuration, minimalist and abstract expressionist references, planned and experimental. Scale, subject matters, colours and the emotional tone of the works are different which presents curatorial contrasts and connections across paintings.

Compositionally the paintings are balanced - but ever so slightly off - awkward shapes don't line up, as if the image has been agitated. The colour/form relationships are at times bold, using opaque and clashing colours, but they can also be very subtle as light and surface come into play. A single colour might be applied in a wash to create different tones and luminosity, or used impasto to give saturation and body. They interact to create visual sensations; optical illusions of backlit and absent colours and vibrating edges. Layers and textures create painterly depth and a sense of weight, giving these paintings a tactile quality with the hand of the artist evident across all the works

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